.Zamojski academy (1594–1784) in the medieval European educational and legal space

Bondaruk V. O. Zamojski academy (1594–1784) in the medieval European educational and legal space

Zamoyski Academy, which was created and successfully functioned on ethnic Ukrainian lands for two centuries, occupies a landmark in their cultural development. This, in certain periods the only higher educational institution in Ukrainian lands, was an integral part of the European educational space.
Legal education provided by unified European standards in the context of contemporary educational and legal space as an autonomous space culture. This space is covered and structured legal worldview, legal consciousness, legal culture and activities for the exchange of legal knowledge. Also it set the scale of social and legal values, defined ways of spreading legal knowledge.
Thus, early medieval education space characterized by the dominance of Christian paradigm was built on the principles of universality and symbolism, stemming from the Christian text descriptions. Its legal component formed between the desire of public opinion to the universality, unity of the world and present a clear hierarchy that permeated all spheres of earthly and heavenly life.
Further development of educational and legal space associated with replacing the convent school as an educational institution to the university as the personification of the universe.
The emergence of university certifies beginning of the formation of educational space as a particular reality, in which was coupling of different scientific disciplines in larger academic community, especially in the universities. Members of whose except that they share common goals of promoting knowledge and education of young people also understand that all sectors of knowledge are in the common foundation.
In the universities formed the legal doctrine as a system prevailing in society ideas about the law, which are able to not only show validity, but creative modify all parts of the legal system of society, simultaneously cause and produce educational and legal trends.
The classic course included secular law (Roman) legal doctrine and closely connected with it, the church (canonical) legal doctrine.
The legal heritage which consists of labors of prominent lawyers who worked in the Academy, and specialized legal environment that produced by the academy. This process was conspicuous value for Ukrainian jurisprudence, acted as essential element in its development and identification.
Creating a multilingual, cosmopolitan and multicultural training center in Zamosc, expanding the boundaries of the European educational and legal space, also including the Ukrainian territories. A significant part of legal education of Zamoyski Academy (law department has prepared more than 88 doctors of both rights, most of which had come from the Ukrainian lands) caused a significant impact on the development of legal culture and legal awareness.
Key words: medieval educational space, legal space, Zamoyski Academy, history of education, legal education.

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