Preventing recidivism women: some penitentiary problems

Lahotska V. Preventing recidivism women: some penitentiary problems

In the article the problem of understanding women's penal measures to prevent recidivism as those aimed at reducing recidivism among this category of prisoners. Proved that in order to prevent female recidivism Ukraine needs to improve the law so that the legal status of women was privileged compared to men only when it comes to protection of motherhood and childhood, on the other hand to the physiological status of women not only worsened her legal situation compared with the situation of the convicted man.
Was found disadvantages of release on probation of pregnant women and women with children up to seven years. In particular, it is concluded that the definition of probation this category of prisoners within the term for which by law a woman can be dismissed from work due to pregnancy, birth and until the child reaches the age of seven may question the humanistic orientation release from punishment of pregnant women and women with children up to seven years.
In order to improve the prevention of recidivism in women's penal institutions proposed in the structure of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine to establish a special department of the problems women prisoners serving sentences. Given the importance of the preparatory phase of the convicted woman's release from punishment appropriate in each institution penal create a program such training, which should have an individual character and include the aim and objectives, a list of measures needed to achieve the objectives, time frame and consider your deep psychological Diagnostic women prisoners.
Key words: prevention, women's recurrent crime, penal measures penitentiaries, preparing prisoners for release.

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