Legal and social progress: interdependence and mutual responsibility

Onishchenko N. Legal and social progress: interdependence and mutual responsibility

An important issue scientific achievements of the present which is of great practical importance, is the subject dedicated to legal and social progress.
Unfortunately, it has not become a subject of study in the domestic legal science, particularly in humanitarian and scientific heritage in general. However, it is clear that considering the reform, reform transformational changes, should be given due to the phenomenon of social reality, as legal progress. While it is understood that law serves, on the one hand, as the object of reform (from perfect law, its effectiveness, constructive) depends on the impact of reforms, therefore legal development. On the other hand it is clear that the right - a factor that means reforming public relations and displaying the results achieved and their normalization and consolidation appropriate, therefore, social progress, social progress. Thus the law should reflect today and challenges and demands of civil society, and most importantly, enforce the change that requires both civil society and ordinary people.
Modern democratic processes and changes taking place in all areas of legal and state development in Ukraine needs a clear, coherent, regulated components of the relevant legal system.
Unfortunately, many of these processes are inhibited or slowing or even undergo destructive influence by significant manifestation of legal nihilism, pessimism legal and legal demagoguery. Expectations that dysfunction of legal consciousness and its dysphasia go away or leveled today, unfortunately, was not justified.
In this context, two questions arise:
a) What should be the right of European nations that it was perceived and supported each ordinary man and civil society;
b) What should be the general cultural, social, purely legal level of the average person to make it ideologically relevant, capable guidance of modern law as a reflection, a reflection of the legal democratic development.
Thus, we can state that the solution or at least a definition of the necessary measures in the above context is one of the components and interdependence of legal and social progress.
Key words: law, legal progress, social progress,  law – the object of reform changes, law – factor of reform changes, democratic law, the right perception.

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