The legal world Outlook as a factor in the formation of an effective system of law and law enforcement

Natalia Parkhomenko. The legal world Outlook as a factor in the formation of an effective system of law and law enforcement

Points to the fact that the legal world Outlook of subjects of public relations is formed by an awareness of the subject of the legal concepts, ideas, principles, contents of which is the perception of the right as values, which promotes rights, freedoms, justice, legitimacy and its rule. In the end-the holistic idea of law, its nature, content and purpose in the regulation of social relations. This emphasises the relationship legal worldview and legal ideology.
Emphasizing their integration and not playing down the value of political ideology based on the strength of political trends, ideas, concepts, legal ideology has no normative content and is determined by the existing system of law. Therefore, the value for the society, political ideology is not the same as legal because the latter has other tasks and functions.
Contemporary socio-political status in Ukraine a lot due to the denial of the Marxist- Leninist ideology, constitutional frozen ideological pluralism and as a consequence – longterm ideological chasms, which resulted in deformation of the legal world Outlook. In addition, one of the negative tendencies forming the legal Outlook of modern Ukrainian society is its political ideologizovanist. The output from this would be the formation of a national idea.
In accordance with the legal part of the worldview of modern Ukrainian should be consciousness itself as part of the nation that exists within an independent State, which builds its present and future on historically proven values, including European ones.
Legal ideology and worldview can make qualitatively different effects on the regulation of social relations. From stimulation of the progressive advancement of society and the State to his slowing down. The formation of the European legal world Outlook in Ukraine continues but has gained special importance after the signing of the Association Agreement the EU (2014), enforced without awareness of its importance and significance for the further progressive development of Ukraine and is an important component in the formation of the legal world Outlook of the European content of modern Ukrainians.
Key words: legal Outlook, ideology, legal consciousness, national idea, European values

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