The role of ideology in the life of society and individual

Makarenko L. The role of ideology in the life of society and individual

The article stated that there are many varieties of ideologies, among them "ideology-ideology designed to unite large groups of people, ethnic groups, Nations, social strata (classes) and even all humanity (the so-called "global ideology" that underlies the modern system of international order)". Such ideologies are approved for a long time with gradual, hereditary, evolutionary way of development of the people. As a result people closer point of view, is a close system of political, social, ethnic, spiritual and other values, ideological beliefs and the like, although they are not identical, generally, never develop, but ensure political stability and progressive-a progressive course of history of a people.
Emphasizes the role of ideology in the life of the state, the individual and society, which comes from awareness of the fact that every people, nation, government must have ideas and values that reflect the foundations of their lives. Modern civil society is not possible without the person displays certain traits. The human as a subject and Creator rights must be respected themselves, it is a guarantee that it will respect the other subjects of legal relations, including the state. People with this sense clearly knows his place in society and sees itself as self-sufficient value, while respecting the value of others.
Stated that, according to European standards, as close as possible to the ideal is a society in which created the appropriate conditions that should ensure all citizens equal opportunities to develop and use their potential, achieve a subjectively attractive and at the same time socially significant goals as conditions for realization of the socio-psychological needs of the personality needs for self-determination and self-assertion.
Key words: ideology, state, people, society, culture.

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