The essence of executive of government in modern conditions

Petrenko P. D. The essence of executive of government in modern conditions

In the article the concept of government, the executive activity are clarified; their value are set and on this basis the essence of executive government bodies is determined and the place and importance as part of the executive competence of the executive power in the modern world is delineated.
It is emphasized that the appointment of executive power in Ukraine in modern conditions is the management that covers: executive activity - implementation of decisions taken by the legislature; administrative activities - exercise control through the issuance of regulations and implementation of organizational actions. In this case, the article analyzes and describes, that the executive and administrative activities of executive bodies is found in relations of power and subordination of the subjects that carry it legally powers.
The special attention is pointed, that the concept of executive activities and governance relate to each other as part and whole, the first part can be determined as the competence of the executive as a kind of organizing and regulating influence, that cover the implementation of laws and regulations. It is established that the activities of the executive is not limited to the appointment of the modern system of executive power. An appropriate structural system is part of the state apparatus as a complex element of government machinery, which, according to the Constitution established power structure, among its tasks has the implementation of laws and other legal acts, publishing regulations, implementation of organizational, administrative action, law enforcement. For implementation of the relevant functions of executive bodies it also covers fiscal and financial, technical, control and other internal organizational activities.
Keywords: executive activities, public administration, executive power, executive power bodies

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