Legislative regulation of the treatment arms regime in Ukraine in the light of support right to defend itself

Kvasha O., Feschenko L. Legislative regulation of the treatment arms regime in Ukraine in the light of support right to defend itself

The article substantiates that the right to self-defense as natural rights recognized and enshrined in international instruments, based on the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as regulated in the criminal and administrative legislation of Ukraine. The concept of "self-defense" is broader than self-defense or extreme necessity. Self-protection against illegal encroachments person has the right not only to exercise his or others lives, health, rights and freedoms, but also the interests of society or the state. Ukraine has gained considerable popularity terrorism and separatism, which threatens the territorial integrity, sovereignty and the very existence of Ukraine as an independent state. The armed forces and the police have never been able to fully protect these important public values. Citizens have the right to defend its own interests of society and the state, if those interests threatened.
Ensuring the implementation of the citizens of Ukraine the right to self-defense in the current conditions it is possible to solve the problem, provided the regulation of arms trafficking. An analysis of the bills "About Firearms civil purposes", "About civil arms and ammunition" made by author. The author accents attention on the bills impropriety with the valid legislation (Criminal Code, the Code of Administrative Offences, Resolution of the Supreme Council of Ukraine "About ownership of certain types of property") in part of the definition of self-defense and the age from which permitted to purchase weapons. Haste the adoption of this important piece of legislation regulating the general principles of arms trafficking in Ukraine is impractical. After all, the law has become an essential step in the development of civil society, to put real meaning of constitutional provisions guarantee protection of life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens, their property, be an important factor in ensuring public safety.
Key words: bill, firearm, self-defense, public safety, necessary defense, extreme necessity.

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