Slavonic approach to the Russian legal system identification: pro et contra

Buler W. E., Zaharova M. V. Slavonic approach to the Russian legal system identification: pro et contra

The article analyses the Slavonic approach to identification of the Russian legal system. The authors of the article name Eurasianism as one of precursors of this social-law school in comparative-legal science. Several key points make representatives of Eurasianism close to supporters of the Slavonic approach to evaluation of the Russian legal system: 1) pro-Christian approach to evaluation of law and state; 2) admission of the fact that in correlation of "individual" and "collective" principles of construction of a legal system Russian man is distinct from the Western one that prefers the "individual" principle.
The authors conclude that among absolute merits of this school of legal science is its commitment to the successive character of development of the legal system. On the other hand peremptory conclusions made by representatives of the pro-Slavonic approach in the Russian legcal science such as "the legal world of Russian man is set against the legal world of Western man" could hardly be considered to be objective data. History of the Russian state and evolution of the Russian civil society were always closely connected with development of the Western culture, peoples and states. Contraposition of these two worlds as well as their complete identification are equally incorrect in the opinion of the authors of the article.
Key words: classification of legal systems, family of legal systems, Slavonic law, Eurasianism.

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